Added Inscriptions

At Jones Memorials, not only can we provide you with a beautiful new memorial for your loved one but there may be a time that you require a further inscription to be added to an existing memorial.  We are able to help you with this through every step of the way just like you will have experienced should you have used one of our funeral homes for your loved ones funeral service.  
If we have removed your memorial in order for a burial to take place we will contact you shortly after the funeral to discuss your options.  In most cases we will follow up our conversation with a memorial report.  If your memorial is still in the cemetery or churchyard we offer a free no obligation quote where we will go to visit the memorial in order to give a full itemised quotation for all and any work required.  
Unlike other masons we offer a personalised service where we not only quote for the work required but offer help when deciding on your inscription and in most cases we will send a personalised suggested inscription with your memorial report.  This can always be changed to any wording you would prefer but we feel it helps our customers with a starting point. 
We offer a range of services with regards to the additional inscription such as regilding, repainting, sandblasting, handcutting and even refacing of a memorial should it be needed.  All work is discussed with you and itemised before work begins.  We pride ourselves on our costings being transparent and accurate.  You will only pay for the work you choose.
Once your inscription has been decided on we will liaise with the cemetery or churchyard on your behalf with regards to the removal of memorial, the permit application paperwork (including the statutory declaration process should this be needed), installation of the memorial and most importantly, we will keep you updated every step of the way, until your loved ones memorial is back in place looking as beautiful as when it was first fitted.